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What to Expect.

1 / Getting Started

Clients can make contact by the enquiry form, Anj will then be in touch to book an appointment time. After the first meeting clients are able to book in their own appointments online, or in person with Anj. 

2 / Getting to know you

The first appointment will be about getting to know you and what is going on for you and around you at this time. This information will be used to inform future sessions, and to set goals about what clients would like as they continue with RHP. This first session is also a good time for clients to decide if Anj will be the right person for them to work with, as they continue with their journey. 

3 / Therapy

The amount and frequency of therapy is an individualised approach, as most things in psychology. It is not a one fit for all; therefore, therapy sessions and times will be discussed with individuals after the first meeting. However, these are open to change as the therapeutic relationship continues. Psychological therapy is designed to work in a way where clients are given tools to be able to no longer need it one day.

4 / Cost and Payment

Each session will be approximately 50 minutes and will cost $185. Sessions will be invoiced once completed and payment will need to be made before the next session via internet banking. There are also additional funding sources available for individuals, please enquire. 

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